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Ceiling Mounted Projector


The first six steps of the following instructions should be all you need for normal operation of the new projector: The color, contrast and brightness have been adjusted to work with the club's laptop. The focus, zoom, lens shift and keystone have been optimized for the current projector and screen installation. Recommend you leave the TV off and use only the projector for normal workshop presentations.


1. Your computer should be on and connected to the VGA cable prior to turning on the projector. For maximum clarity/sharpness set your laptop resolution to 1024 x 768.


2. Reset/On/All-Off switch should be in On position (bottom center of the remote)


3. On button – the green indicator lamp comes on, projector fan starts and after a brief warm-up period the Sanyo logo should appear on the screen.


4. After startup, the projector should automatically scan the inputs and locate your computer. If it goes to an all blue screen and indicates no input signal, check to make sure your computer is connected and set for an external display (one of your function keys should turn the external display function on/off)


5. Input button - the projector will scan again to locate your computer


6. STAND-BY button – press the button twice to turn the projector off


The following optional controls are preset for normal operations.


7. Shutter button - Close and open the built-in shutter. Note, the projector will shut down automatically if the shutter remains closed longer than 30 minutes. Once the shut down cycle begins you will not be able to restart the projector until cooling fan stops running.


8. Screen button - to select size


a. Normal - normal computer aspect ratio of 4:3


b. True - Provide the image in its original size. When the original image size is larger than the screen size (1024 x 768), the projector enters to the panning mode automatically. Use the Point ▲▼◄► buttons to pan the image. When adjusted, the arrows will turn red.


c. Wide - wide video aspect ratio (16:9)


d. Full - Provides the full screen image


e. Custom – Allows user to adjust the Horizontal/Vertical screen scale manually


9. Auto PC button - automatically adjust Fine sync, Total dots, Position H and Position V positions to conform to your computer.


10. Info button - Display the input source information


11. Menu button - Open or close the On-Screen Menu. The menu settings have been preset for normal operation. You may have an occasion to make additional adjustments however, please return the settings to their original position prior to turning the projector off.


Use the Point ▲▼ buttons to highlight or select a main menu item. Press the Point or the SELECT button to access the submenu items. (The selected item is highlighted in orange.)

Use the Point ▲▼ buttons to select the desired submenu item and press the SELECT button to set or access the selected item.

Use the Point ▲▼◄► buttons to adjust the setting or switch between each option and press the SELECT button to activate it and return to the submenu.

Press the Point button


Owner Manual:


Other Equipment


There are several pieces of equipment in the Photo Lab Building that are valuable to many photographers. These are available for use by our members and can be used during Open Lab hours. Some of these items require knowledge of how to operate them and the hazards involved. If you're not sure, ask for help.


Mat Cutter

We have a 48 inch Fletcher Mat Cutter that can be used for custom making your own photo mats. Instructions are offered periodically on the use and techniques of this system.


Owner Manual:


Paper Trimmer


A Dahle 554 Rolling Trimmer is available for trimming photos up to 28 inches in width.


Mounting/Laminating Press


A Bienfang Masterpiece 250 Press is available to heat mount and laminate photos. Accepts sizes up to 18.5 x 23 inches.


Link to Owners Manual:

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